Model FOX-200A

The first dental chair made for kids !
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Model FOX-200A

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    Kid Friendly Dinosaur Shaped Dental Chair. Complete Package with Overhead Delivery, Stand alone fox character with rotating head, Tablet Stand with USB Charging Port, LED Sensor Light, DVD Monitor & Dental Stools

    Left Handed Version Of Fox-200A


    • Stand alone Fox Character with Rotating Head and Bowl
    • Compartment For Holding Toys
    • Full Functioning Dental Chair with Double Articulating Headrest
    • An Efficient Reliable Delivery System Manufactured in the USA
    • State of the Art LED Dental Light System
    • Tablet Stand with USB Charging Port
    • Fish Character Instrument Tray
    • Power Optic 6 pin Hand Piece Tubing (1)*
    • Slow/High Speed 4 pin Hand Piece tubing (2)*
    • An entertaining LCD/LED Monitor with DVD Player*
    • High Power Suction
    • Saliva Ejector
    • Air Water Syringe
    • Dentist And Assistant Stool


Delivery Unit 
a multitude of dental innovation.

The Fox 200-A delivery unit is exclusively made by DCI in the USA. It provides Power Optic 6 pin hand piece tubing. Conveniently, the Delivery Unit is attached to the chair itself. A tablet stand is also integrated into the Delivery Unit with a USB charging station. The unit is intelligently capable of both City and Bottle water systems and includes an X-ray view box and creatively incorporates a fish instrument tray. And the chair is power optic ready.

Versatile movement

The Delivery unit offers a unique and intelligently designed mobility, allowing the doctor to swivel the unit 360 degrees and up/down.

Removable dino head
with full double articulating headrest.

By allowing the Dino head to detach the patient can immediately see the dinosaur and fall in love with the character of the chair, while providing the doctor and assistant more comfort to perform. By allowing the doctor to remove the Dino head, the chair tremendously increases in the amount of leg room for both the doctor and the assistant. The articulating headrest conveniently rotates up and down to ensure patient comfort. Detachment and reattachment of the head is precisely designed to ensure ease and comfort.

Stand Alone Fox Character With Rotating Head

Friendly fox character with rotating head.

 3D Decorative Tooth

Treasure Chest Bowl

Drawer design belly with bowl for toys and toothbrushes

Hands free sensor LED light
See more, see better.

The lightís state of the art technology incorporates an incredible touch free swipe and manual on/off capability, ensuring a decrease in contamination, along with a swivel handle. Intelligently the swiping function also includes a touch free dimming function to ensure speed and the comfort of both you and the patient. The swivel handle creatively allows the doctor to station the light in the perfect position.

LED/LCD Multimedia Center
with DVD playback

The state of the art LED/LCD multimedia center incredibly allows the patient to relax and absorb entertainment while the doctor performs on the dental stage. The patient can enjoy variety of entertainment options, easing their visit to the dentist.

Removable leg extension
not everyone is the same size.

The removable leg extension is perfectly designed to ensure every patient can enjoy the chair. It is very easily removable for smaller patients and easily attachable for bigger patients.

A Complete package


Tablet Stand With USB Charging Power

Delivery Unit Made by DCI

DVD Monitor

Removable Head

Double Articulating Headrest

Removable Leg Extension

Led Sensor Light

Power Optic Ready

Dentist And Assistant Stool




Love the chair! It provides the children with some distraction letting me do things more comfortably . Dr. Soheil Goel, Encino, CA

The chair is perfect for one or two of the operatory rooms. Makes simple check ups and procedures so easy to work with the little ones! . Dr. Diana Cohen, Bakersfield, CA

The chair is ideal for getting more attention and business. It has helped our general dentistry office increase pediatric cases. . Dr. Allen Jacobson, Los Angeles, CA

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